ProExtender Vs SizeGenetics -Which One Is Better?

So you have actually done your research as well as you’re pretty sure that a penile traction gadget is the most effective choice for you. Well, you’re absolutely not the only one in that decision … due to the persuading outcomes reported by several genuine medical researches, penile grip has actually ended up being a prominent selection for those searching for a safe, reliable and also reasonably effortless technique of non-surgical penis augmentation.

Just what’s even more, you’ve possibly encountered two devices in particular that appear to be discussed more than all the others – ProExtender and SizeGenetics. These are the two brands that tend to get the ‘5 star rankings’ on all those penis enlargement review sites that you believe found. As well as naturally, if you see either the SizeGenetics or ProExtender sites, you’ll contained that they both claim that they’re the most effective on the marketplace – clinically established, clinically qualified and also guaranteed to function.

In fact, all the above statements are true – both business offer gadgets that have actually acquired clinical certification for the purpose of non-surgical penis augmentation and both business provide real warranties. So how can you perhaps choose in between both – maybe toss a coin as well as wish for the best?

Well … the selection ends up being a great deal less complicated when you recognize one easy fact – both companies market the very same tool.

That’s right … the ProExtender Deluxe which costs $429 as well as the SizeGenetics tool which costs $389 are in reality, identical … a tool called the Jes Extender, which is made by DanaMedic.

Currently one thing’s without a doubt, the Jes Extender is generally taken into consideration to be one of the most dependable penis extender available – exceptionally well built, resilient and also with the ability of supplying really precise traction degrees. It’s likewise among just two tools to have gained the above discussed clinical certification specifically for the function of non-surgical penile enlargement, with clinical tests revealing it to safely add regarding 30 percent length with 6 months utilize. So, you won’t be left let down whether you purchase from SizeGenetics or ProExtender.

The good news nevertheless, is that there is a third alternative which allows you could bypass the intermediaries as well as save a fair quantity of money too. By buying the Jes Extender directly from the manufacturer DanaMedic, you’ll save at the very least $100 much less in contrast to the rates quoted by the similarity ProExtender and SizeGenetics – which is a significant conserving by any individual’s standards.

As well as simply making clear – you’re obtaining specifically the exact same gadget from DanaMedic. The only points you will not obtain if you purchase direct from the supplier are the additionals included such as a bottle of penis tablets and a penile exercise quick guide. Yet are these actually worth over a $100 additional? In my perspective at least, they’re not. What matters right here is the top quality of the penis extender tool you’re obtaining – nevertheless, it’s the extender that’s been medically confirmed to function, not the additions.

So with this information is there any kind of factor buying from SizeGenetics or ProExtender?

Well … you could be guided by the SizeGenetics package thanks to some of their after sales motivations. First of all, they provide a great warranty – if your little fella refuses to move from his existing measurements within 4 months – you’ll obtain your money back. ProExtender on the various other hand need you to make use of the gadget for 6 months before they’ll think about providing you a refund, whilst DanaMedic expect you to tally up 1100 hrs of use prior to a refund looms.

And also as an extra reward, SizeGenetics also offer to reimburse the expense of the tool if you provide them with authentic ‘prior to as well as after’ photo testimonies. Yes, it does mean that images of your much-loved body organ will certainly be glued throughout the SizeGenetics internet site, but for a complete refund it might be worth the degradation – you don’t have to reveal your face or discuss your name with the world at large besides.

Yet simply bear in mind, as far as the gadgets are concerned – you’ll be buying the Jes Extender whether you purchase from Pro Extender, Size Genes or directly from the producer, DanaMedic. Because of this, things you need to actually contrast are the various guarantees, bundles and also rewards provided by each company not the tool in itself.

The Top Nine Reasons to Have Sex Regularly

Did you know that sex cures headaches? According to, engaging in sex when you have a headache can help cure it. This is because sex produces chemicals known as endorphins, which aid in the natural curing of your headache. Many people around the world have sex regularly.

In fact, according to, more people under 40 engage in sex compared to those who vote in the general elections, in America. Sex has been around since the inception of humanity. It is viewed primarily as a way to procreate and fill the earth. However, having sex regularly has numerous benefits to your mental, emotional, and physical health. Here are the top six reasons you should have sex regularly:

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Sex Decreases Stress

Sex plays a crucial role in decreasing your stress levels. According to a study conducted by the Arizona State University, the participants were observed to have a good mood the following day after having sex the previous night. Consequently, their stress levels had dropped significantly. Additionally, the participants in this study did not have these results if they had an orgasm by themselves. Therefore, you should encourage your partner more often to engage in sex to reduce stress levels, which could have detrimental health issues on you.

Sex Leads To Procreation

Sex also leads to procreation, which fulfils the purpose of life for many people. When a man and a woman make a concrete decision to have sex principally to have children and raise a family, they fulfill their spiritual obligations. Additionally, raising a family strengthens the bond there is between the man and woman. This is due to the responsibilities they both have in taking care and raising their children. This leads to a happy, more effective, and more productive family.

Sex Decreases the Risk of Heart Attacks

Making love plays a vital role in preventing heart attacks. According to, men who make love on a regular basis have a decreased chance of suffering a heart attack compared to men who have sex once or twice in a month. In fact, men who have sex regularly decrease their chances of having a heart attack by 45%. Additionally, the American Journal of Cardiology also points out that men who engage in sex frequently are likely to be healthier.

Sex Helps You Lose Weight and Keep Fit

Sex is an activity that helps you burn calories. Weight loss, on the other hand, requires you to burn calories. The more calories you burn, the more weight you lose. Hence, you should incorporate sex into your weight loss plan to help you lose weight and keep fit. For instance, kissing for 20 minutes will help you lose 22 calories while having sex for 15 minutes will help you burn about 72 calories. Thus, performing sex frequently helps you lose weight and become fit.

Sex Gives You Deep, Quality Sleep

Since sex is an activity that takes up energy to be performed, chances of getting deep, quality sleep after sex are quite high. Getting deep, quality sleep has a myriad of benefits to you. First, this deep sleep helps you be more alert while working.

This, in turn, helps you increase your productivity levels. Second, since lack of sleep has been associated with high levels of cholesterol and blood pressure, deep, quality sleep will help you reduce the risks of heart related diseases. Lastly, deep, quality sleep helps you reduce your chances of getting depression.

Sex Makes You Social

Sex also leads to a more social life among both men and women. As a result of having sex, men are able to share their sexual experience with their male friends while women are able to tell their girlfriends of how their husbands are in bed. Consequently, sex helps you fit in a particular group rather than feel left out. This increases your self-esteem and helps you make more friends along the way.

In conclusion, sex boosts your mental health, your physical health, as well as your emotional health. A boosted mental health means that you will be able to cope with life’s stresses and increase your overall productivity. Physical health means that you will be able to reduce your risks to life threatening diseases such as heart diseases, depression, and obesity.

Therefore, you should engage in sex to reduce your stress levels, raise a beautiful family, reduce your risks to heart attacks, lose weight and become fit, become more social, and get deep, quality sleep.

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Secrets behind success of VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus is popular male sexual health medication throughout the world. Story starts in 2006, and now in just 5 years, it is one of the most favourite choices of men facing sexual problems. It is beaten hundreds of similar products. By the year 2006, male sexual health medication industry got saturated and launching a new product by any company was not that easy. Big companies launched products which share the formula of either famous “blue pills” from Pfizer or similar medication. But now seems successful like VigRX Plus. Not only big companies, several small, medium and even new companies are trying hard to establish in market.

The male sexual health industry is big enough to attract anyone. And not surprisingly the demand is increasing regularly with the spread of knowledge and use of internet. In last two decade, this industry has grown several folds. Unlike past, people are more aware and know what to use for particular problem. Every year, more than a dozen new products launched and fail, and those who survive, fail in next 2-3 years because of better competitor. To survive of 5 year and beyond, product must be more than excellence. VigRX Plus is one of such successful products. And its popularity is increasing very rapidly with the time. Guys from even small countries of Asia like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia etc., are quite familiar with these magic pills. It seems like everyone in United States know and use VigRX Plus. The demand and sale is so high in western countries and Europen countries.

Without consuming much time, let me jump to secrets directly. These secrets are:

1. Ability to treat multiple male sexual problems. There is only little medication available in market which can help in more than one problem. And those who can help are limited to 2-4 problems. Amazingly, VigRX Plus is able to help in as many as TEN problems. And these problems are not just any problems, but the big monsters which includes erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculations, lack of fertility and potency and low libido.

2. Herbal in nature. Lots of lots of herbal products are in market, so there is nothing much special about its herbal nature, accepts it show no side effects. Many herbal products do show side effects, and needed to take with some care. The ingredients of VigRX Plus are so scientifically chosen and blended that side effects are not reported so far.

3. High return on investment. If you go for diamond package i.e. 12 months supply then one pill will cost you just $1.36. Besides this shipping is FREE in USA. And you’ll be appreciated with FIVE free gifts worth more than $250. Hence, each pill will cost anyone $0.66 or less. And it is not just any pill, it is VigRX Plus pill, which alone is able to help fight you 10 sexual problems. And above all, if in rare case, it didn’t worked for you, then you have full money back guarantee, no matter which package you choose.

4. Excellent marketing. Lot of good product fail because of poor marketing. The manufacturers of VigRX Plus used viral and affiliate marketing strategies. Apart from it, they have made excellent website in several languages including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and many more. They offer related products which actually work for free, with 100% money back guarantee.

If you ask me… what is top secret, and then my honest answer will be… “There is no secret, VigRX Plus does actually work“. Please be informed, the results vary from person to person depending on body chemistry, adaptability and current health level. The sure result is measurable improvement of sexual health. There is no bar on age, anyone above 18 years can use it (as well as need it). There is also no bar on taking pills just before sex or what; you can take it any time with your comfort. The recommended time is before going in bed for sleeping. Just one pill a day is sufficient, and recommended. Results comes with time, no one can push the results to be there overnight. And the best part is… results are long lasting. After consuming one year supply, you may not need it or any other product for another 2-3 years. Wish you great life with great pills.

Must Read Customer Reviews and Testimonials Before Buying VigRX Plus

Before you buy VigRX Plus, you should see the VigRX Plus reviews. You should make sure that you are buying the real thing. The manufacturer of VigRX Plus cannot help you or take responsibility for any deficiencies that you might find in the fake product. After all, the authentic brand VigRX seeks to provide the highest quality male enhancement in the form of an herbal supplement.

Nothing else will do. In fact, it doesn’t even guarantee that this male enhancement supplement will work for you. It encourages you to see for yourself and read the testimonials of everyone who tried it before you. With so many people who have already tried it, it will be very easy to find people just like you, and you can see the results that they got. If you think that you won’t get the results, then you don’t have to buy and risk the side effects. On the other hand, you’ll most likely see that people who review VigRX Plus generally agree that it works very well to provide better orgasms and better sex. It increases virility and stamina in men, two areas that older men tend to find insufficient. You can find people to talk to about your particular needs, and then you can evaluate for yourself whether you really need this product at all.

Meanwhile, make sure that you don’t fall for any VigRX Plus scams. In this modern day and age, it’s very easy to copy the general appearance of a product and its website. It’s easy to fool people into thinking that this knock-off product is equivalent to the product that people are actually looking to buy. They might be trying to buy VigRX Plus, but with some clever maneuvering it’s very easy to copy every aspect of the brand without getting caught and accused of plagiarizing. With this in mind, make sure that you read all details on any websites that you find before buying. There is only one authentic website that sells the real, legitimate version of VigRX Plus, and this is where you should be buying.

If your interested in Vigrx Plus be sure to read Paul’s post

Buying elsewhere will not guarantee that the herbal supplement you actually receive is all-natural, completely free of organic derivatives synthesized by humans. Also, the lower prices for fake products are normally because the manufacturer decided to decrease the quality of the product. Meanwhile, a VigRX Plus swindle would make sure that the product looks exactly the same on the surface. The result is that you feel like you’re taking the real product, but at best you’ll get a placebo effect. This will be drastically different from the effects that you would get from the legitimate herbal supplement.

If the manufacturer of the fake VigRX Plus is not careful, then you might end up with a nosebag effect or a harmful effect on your body. After all, the damage is already done if you have received a fake in the mail.

Taking it will only worry you and make you realize that you have a very small likelihood of getting the intended results. If the manufacturer of the disreputable fake is even more dishonest, some of the herbal ingredients will be substituted for cheaper, more harmful substances that will poison you.

You might not experience any benefits at all, and instead you will be paying more in the long run. You will be stuck with hospital bills that you never expected, consequences that you never wanted, and many regrets that you will never be able to shake. All of this is avoided if you just buy from the proper website and pay the extremely reasonable price that is offered.